Top 12 reasons to book with us:

Let's be honest here - these days everybody knows somebody that's a "wedding photographer" so here are the top 12 reasons to book Dave Reyno Photography to document your special day! 

1) Honest galleries. 

All of the wedding galleries are actual pictures taken on wedding days we have covered. We are not hiring a model and doing a stylized shoot in magic light. Both Pam and I are ready to "roll with the punches" and create stunning images on your actual wedding day.

2) A very reasonable price point.

I have fine tuned my wedding coverage and continue to grow as an artist and try new things. You can easily pay double our rates for a less experienced and lower quality photographer. We keep our overhead low and pass that savings on to you! To be clear, you will still get the best quality work, prints and albums from us. If you are still not convinced and believe you "only get what you pay for" we will be more than happy to charge you double our rates!

3) Photography is my full time job. 

I do not hold down a separate 9-5 or "seasonal" job and try and squeeze you in. I take the time to provide great customer service and have your images to you in a reasonable time frame!

4) Real experience.

Since 2002 I have covered over 250 weddings in 3 provinces.

5) We have fun!

Even if you are a person that does not like having your photo taken, we strive to make you comfortable, and the experience both relaxing and fun! 

6) I have an amazing wife!

Not only is Pam a support at home she is also top notch field support. Although I work effectively as a solo shooter the team of Pam and Dave always receives rave reviews! Pam is an effective assistant/second shooter and a photo booth guru.

7) We have a photo booth with a real person.

Yes we have Pam to capture the moment not just a "selfie". The photo booth comes complete with a ton of props that we supply.  The selection is always being updated.

8) I am not just a "wedding photographer".

This is a real point. I go out and make images not just because I am being paid. I do it because I love it.  This carries over to all of my work including landscape, portraits, even my still life and food photography.  I bring that experience back to my wedding work. If a large corporation or local business trusts me to show them in the best light why shouldn't you?

9) Supporting local talent.

My family has been in Nova Scotia for 300 years, and I have lived in the Maritimes most of my life.  After being out-of-province for 12 years gaining photography experience from some of the top Canadian wedding and portrait photographers, I returned to Nova Scotia in 2008 and plan on staying the rest of my life.

10) I understand light.

Look at any great painter or photographer and what separates them from the masses is their understanding of light. After 23 years some may consider me a "master of the craft".  I consider myself a "student of light" and I continue to learn and experiment. It really is a lifetime study but I understand the complexities.  I am able to adapt to any situation in camera rather than rely on fixing the image in photoshop.

11) We include a slideshow with every wedding package. 

Your wedding day is about "the story" therefore we put together a slideshow set to music so you can sit back and relive your wedding day years from now. PS: Before you ask, yes you also get all the selected high res images with no watermarks.

12) We include an engagement session with all of our packages.

Engagement sessions are a great way to not only make some great images but by your wedding day, we'll feel like old friends. It really does help to get you more relaxed for your big day! Heck, we even include a 12x18" print from your session, ready for your wedding day. All of the high res images from the engagement session are included with your package! No hidden costs!


As you can see - there's really no reason not  to contact us to discuss booking for your big day!